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Zulfiqar Mirza spills the beans

About one month ago, Zulfiqar Mirza spoke against the Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) resulting in a bloodbath in Pakistan’s economic hub, Karachi. One still struggles to grasp why the common man had to suffer because one man chose to show that he is not a fan of MQM. Even after his apology, the violence continues. But today, in a Breaking-News worthy development, Mirza spilled the beans- everyone’s beans…


If you didn’t see the press conference yourself, then you can view part of it in the video above. In a two-hour long conference, Mirza openly accepted that MQM was responsible for the violence in Karachi- not exactly something no one had guessed. Some of the highlights included:

  • Declaring that MQM’s leader Altaf Hussain had openly told PPP that he will will target the Pathans in Karachi.
  • That America had decided to divide Pakistan, and MQM is aiding them.
  • That Rehman Malik is incompetent and- many other things.
  • Resignation from ministership, PPP office, MPA seat

One wonders how Pakistan can rid itself of this plague. Can democracy really bring in better leaders? More competent leaders? Will Pakistan ever elect a government that actually works FOR Pakistan?